The Need

Approximately 75% of our annual funding comes from individual, corporate and foundation grant funding from the local community. While we are affiliated with a small national umbrella organization, we are organized as a local 501c3 nonprofit and the vast majority of our financial support comes from the surrounding community in one form or another.

Our Advocates produce results that save the community about $2,000 in net savings for every child we serve, by avoiding additional foster care costs because they are half as likely to reenter foster care once their case closes. Currently this single factor saves the community about $1.3M per year and could be even greater, if we could serve more children who currently sit on a wait list.

The long term cost savings from our services are so multifaceted and significant they are simply incalculable. Simply consider that about 70% of the current prison population in the State of California had some experience in the foster care system. Or that half the victims of sex trafficking below 21 are from the foster care system. Or that 80% of these children will meet the diagnostic criteria for at least one serious mental disorder, but only a fraction of them will receive help. It is easy to see why we must make the investment of only $1,500 in these children now, to avoid a much bigger cost in both human and financial terms down the road.

We are proud of our ability to serve as many children we do each year, at a cost-per-child that is extremely cost efficient. However, we still end each year with more than 100 children who were appointed to us by the court but we lack the resources to serve them and so they sit on a wait-list.

Please consider an investment in the community by providing a CASA Advocate for a child in need today.