Advocate Spotlight: Anne Abel

John AdamsCASA Volunteer Profile

Ask Anne Abel about the CASA program, and she will tell you it is “a very different kind of volunteer job.” Through 20 years as a CASA volunteer, Ann has advocated for 34 children, and is currently actively serving four different children in three different families. Anne’s current CASA kids include three in the process of adoption, and one in … Read More

That Magic Moment

John AdamsOne Child's Story

One of our local former foster youth has been a huge help to us these past few years and for the purposes of this post, let’s say her name is Nancy. She has actually told her story of foster care publicly on our behalf and freely uses her name. There is no issue of disclosing it. However, I would prefer … Read More

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

John AdamsMessage from the Executive Director

Late Friday afternoon at the CASA office and I am the only one here. I like this time of day because it is quiet and I can focus on all the things I was supposed to focus on eight hours ago but never got to…such is the life of the executive director of a CASA program! For those of you … Read More